Brooke - Reflexologist

Brooke is a certified Reflexologist & Holistic Health Therapist.  She attended Academy of Reflexology and graduated at the top of her class in 2008.  Brooke studied Massage Therapy, Energy Balancing, Body Work, Holistic Therapy & Reflexology. She specialized in Reflexology and Body Work.  She uses hot stones and essential oils for relaxation, stress reduction, chronic pain & tension relief. 

Brooke has her own unique techniques to customize each treatment per client for their individual needs.  She is very intuitive with healing the body of chronic pain and health imbalances. Brooke is able to adjust pressure to the clients needs which allows therapeutic comfort while offering relief of aches, pains & discomfort in specific areas. 

Reflexology is an alternative form of healing, using pressure on certain pressure points to manipulate nerve endings.