Abbie - CHTP

Abbie is a Healing Touch Practitioner with her education from Healing Beyond Borders which is based in Lakewood, CO. Her studies were over a 3 year in depth 5 level study program in Healing Touch. Through her studies she organized, facilitated and introduced community service Healing Touch events at Aqua Aesthetic Studio in Indianapolis, IN. She took part in Healing Touch community awareness meetings.

Besides being at AQUA Studio, Abbie has a practice in her home in Rensselaer, IN. Abbie is also an artist, certified in Graphic Art from Art Instruction Schools and graduated from the Fort Wayne Art Institute, Fort Wayne, IN majoring in Fine Art. She has an art studio and Upstairs Gallery in Rensselaer, IN. Her oil paintings, mixed media collages and handcrafted inspirational purses are sold in gallery shops and to private collectors. Last year she was selected to be one of eleven Hoosier Women Artists honored by the LT. Governor's Office at the State House in Indianapolis. Her oil painting titled "From Within" hung in the Lt. Governor's office reception area for one year. She is a featured Hoosier Salon oil artist displaying her art in a wide array of venues from one person shows to large group exhibits. Creating the interior serenity feeling at Aqua Aesthetic Studio, all artwork was designed and painted especially for AQUA by Abbie.